An untold story about Messiah

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There are a lot of Jewish believers in the world. They have their strongest faith in Messiah, whom they believe to be the saviour of the world. They try to teach their descendants about Messiah and try to preserve their belief. Messiah is the word which is originated from the Hebrew and it means the “the anointed one”. Anti-messiah, is thus as the term suggests is a very agnostic thought and is not supported by the stern believers of Judaism and Christianity.

Christians believe that the New Testament makes it quite clear that Jesus was the Messiah whom the Jews had so long expected. Indeed, the word “Christ” has exactly the same meaning as the word “Messiah”, just that the word “Christ” is of Greek origin and “Messiah” is of Hebrew origin. However, there are some reasons for some of the Jews who are believers of anti-Messiah. One of the main reasons why the Jews did not accept Jesus as their deliverer and the king was that He was s different from the man they had been led to expect. They had always thought that messiah would be a warrior king who would conquer their enemies and that the kingdom he would set up would be as strong and mighty as those he would defeat. However, this was not the kind of deliverer that Jesus chose to be. He thought it was more important to deliver people from their sins against god than to deliver them from invaders.

Furthermore, He came to set up the kingdom of god on earth. The bible is supposedly called the word of god and it is believed that it contains the god’s words verbatim. It has no contradiction in the entire content and the little contradiction it has is for the poor and low quality translation that has been done.  Jesus is believed to have come to the world as the preacher of love and care and he came to set up the kingdom of god in the world. He came to save all the people of the earth, despite of being a Jew or a non-Jew. However, these philosophies were too difficult for his countrymen to understand and to follow. Thus, only a few people understood the fact Jesus was the messiah while the others called themselves as anti-Messiah. However, today, we should all have the courage to face the truth and be ready for the judgement day.

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